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The Man Who Saw The Future - A Biography of William Lilly

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Brand new Book. It is still considered an authority on the subject. Book One of this astonishing work explains the characteristics and motions of the "seven" planets, how to cast a horary horoscopes, and how to know whether events predicted will come to pass or not, and more. Readers interested in the history of the paranormal, as well as contemporary fans of astrology, will find this a fascinating book. Seller Inventory AAV Item added to your basket View basket.

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Continue shopping. Title: christian astrology. United Kingdom. Search Within These Results:. Create a Want Tell us what you're looking for and once a match is found, we'll inform you by e-mail. Seven years later he secured his fortune by marrying his former master's widow, allowing him the leisure to study astrology.

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In , during the English Civil War , he published the first of many popular astrological texts, [2] and in he published Christian Astrology , a huge compendium of astrological technique. This was the first of its kind to be printed in the English language rather than Latin , and is said to have tutored "a nation in crisis in the language of the stars". Lilly's autobiography, published towards the end of his life in , at the request of his patron Elias Ashmole , gives candid accounts of the political events of his era, and biographical details of contemporaries that are unavailable elsewhere.

Lilly was a controversial character who was both aided and abetted by powerful friends and enemies. He attracted the attention of many members of Parliament , through the support of Sir Bulstrode Whitelocke , Lord Keeper of the Great Seal of England , to whom he dedicated his Christian Astrology , [10] but also accused Members of Parliament of engineering charges against him in Lilly was born on 1 May in the small village of Diseworth , Leicestershire; [5] the thatched cottage his family lived in still stands near the village church.

Lilly was fortunate in receiving a classical education at the Grammar school of Ashby-de-la-Zouch , under John Brinsley , one of the finest teachers of his time. Brinsley was strict in discipline but advocated encouragement and praise, and by the time Lilly left the school in , he was excellently educated and excelled at Latin. This was to serve him well in his later astrological studies, since almost all astrological textbooks were written in Latin at that time.

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Lilly's hopes of attending Cambridge University were dashed by his father's increasing poverty. A lesser opportunity came through his father's attorney, who recognised Lilly's level of education and recommended him to Gilbert Wright, Master of the Salters' Company and resident of the Strand in London but formerly of Market Bosworth , Leicestershire. Wright was looking for a literate youth to act as his secretary and general servant, and at that time Lilly's father then in prison for debt was very happy to be rid of him, considering that since his son was no good around the farm, he was "good for nothing".

Lilly received a warm welcome from Gilbert Wright, and worked as his servant until Wright's death in Within months of Wright's death, the newly widowed Ellen made it clear that, having married twice for money, she was now looking to marry someone who would be loving and look after her, regardless of her suitor's status. Lilly took the "audacious" step of proposing himself, and despite her initial protestations that at 25 years of age Lilly was too young, they married in September of that year, keeping their marriage secret from her friends and family for two years.

Lilly describes a contented marriage with Ellen, which continued for six years. The comfortable lifestyle and fortune that Lilly inherited from Ellen, gave him leisure time to frequent sermons and lectures in London society. The years and were devoted to a careful revision of all his previous reading, and in particular, having lighted on Valentine Naibod 's Commentary on Alcabitius , he "seriously studied him and found him to be the profoundest author he ever met with.

This book is a great place to start if you are serious about learning astrology.

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It starts at the very basics and builds from there. I would recommend that this should be followed with book 3 because that is the book that contains information on doing natal astrology. Excellent book for a beginner! If you want to learn Horary Astrology, and I think even if you prefer a modern approach to the Art, you will need this book! This is the Bible on the subject, and it is pithy and dense -- for those of us who love a systematic and in depth approach to anything, it's delicious, something to savor, and we are really so fortunate to have this magnificent work available to study.

Lilly presents the basics of the Art in the first pages, and then uses the rest of the book to teach how to analyze questions having to do with each of the 12 houses, giving examples for each house. I've been a student of Horary Astrology for a couple years, and I am still working my way through this book and others. The text can be a bit difficult since it was written in , and requires more of beginners than we tend to demand now. I admit to finding much of Lilly's writing style charming, quaint, and soulful, and the hand-drawn horary charts expressive and attractive, and if you are a romantic at heart as well as a scholar you will appreciate these elements of the Old World.

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Yet, if you are a beginner wanting to study astrology, it will be best if you can find a teacher or a guide to help you at least get familiar with the basics, because taking on William Lilly's book without any familiarity with astrology, and without help, could be daunting. You might want to study online with a Master Astrologer, such as Christopher Warnock who has also written a review of this book here look for his books on Astrology also or you might want to find an online astrology forum to interact with.

This book is a must for students of traditional astrology. So fun to read. Like going back in time. One person found this helpful.